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11am - 7:00pm
11am - 7:00pm
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Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

Meet Some of the Montana
Animals of the Carousel!

They're looking forward to meeting you!

  • Bighorn Sheep can be found in and around the foothills near rocky cliffs and they will always be found near permanent water supplies. Bighorn Sheep rarely inhabit areas that are disturbed by humans and they spend their summers high in the mountains on grassy slopes. In the winter they will migrate to reach southwest facing slopes where snow cover is minimal. There's nothing like seeing the horns of a bighorn sheep up close. And what's even better, is riding one!

  • The pronghorn antelope, sometimes referred to as the prairie ghost, is found on open, rolling sagebrush hills and grasslands. The pronghorn is extremely fast, with a top speed of about 60 miles per hour, and can easily outrun any other animal that tries to catch it. Come and ride on our extremely fast antelope while we manage to keep him around!

  • River otters are highly skilled swimmers. This species enjoys play, and otters commonly play either alone or with others of their kind. Powerful and streamlined furbearers, otters are recognized as one of the more intelligent species. The Great Northern Carousel otters are definitely playful and so cute! Come take a ride on an otter's belly... it's an awesome experience!

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